Second Chances (Passion and Perseverance, #2)

Passion and Perseverance, Book 2

Second Chances

After finally beginning to work through their issues, Beth feels a glimmer of hope for what their future can hold. On top of that, new clients at work have given her the opportunity to expand what services the Gardner Group can offer, making her even more valuable to the company. One client in particular, who is soon to become family, is very determined to work with Beth specifically on her upcoming project. Yet, at the exact same moment, a moment when compromise seems like the biggest hurdle Darcy and Beth will face, a dangerous ghost from Darcy's past returns with one goal in mind - getting back what belongs to her. Coincidence? Maybe not.

How long can Darcy keep his past hidden? How long will he be able to protect Beth from his past before it catches up to them and what happens when it inevitably does? Beth and Darcy's journey continues in this second installment of the Passion and Perseverance series, Second Chances.

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