Passion and Perseverance, Book 3

Third Time is the Charm

Third Time is the Charm, the final book in the Passion and Perseverance trilogy, begins a few months after Beth has left the Big Apple for Boston in an attempt to distance herself from the pain of Darcy's betrayal. Just when she feels like she's finally moved on, it's time for Jane and Charles' wedding. Beth returns to Darcy's world - and she doesn't come alone. What will happen when they inevitably meet again? Will her heart be able to stand it? Will he find new ways to break her down? Or worse, what will happen if he tries to win her back?

Darcy let her go once, but did Beth leave him for all the wrong reasons? Four months later, she walks back into his life and Darcy refuses to let her go again. Darcy spent every moment of those four months bettering himself, but has he changed enough to prove to her that he is worth a third chance?

It's true, Beth and Darcy have struck out one too many times trying to make their relationship work. Now, after they've had some time apart, can they find a way for their love to prevail? Or will the enemies from their past separate them before their love finally has a chance to succeed? Will the third time be the charm?


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