The Gentlemen's Guild, Book 1

The Artist's Touch

For the love of art. That was their motto – their passion – their purpose.

The Gentlemen’s Guild, as they are collectively known, is a group of three world-renowned, yet anonymous, artists. All billionaires in their own right, the Guild was formed out of their exceptional talent and love for art.

An unfortunate incident causes Tristan Black, the founder of the Gentlemen’s Guild, to lose a priceless portrait of his mother and he would do anything to get it back – including letting himself be blackmailed into breaking one of the cardinal rules of the Guild, to never do commissioned work, by agreeing to create a portrait of Elsa Carter. But, he's not going to do it without getting retribution. No, Tristan vows to produce a portrait of this woman, but at the expense of her heart. He will choose her, woo her, seduce her, and then break her.


Elsa ‘Ellie’ Carter is determined to break all the rules now that the end to her traumatic past is finally coming into view. She's determined to make a change...or several – the first of which puts her completely outside of her comfort zone and directly in Tristan's line of sight. Why would this gorgeous billionaire want her? What could he possibly see?

Tristan struggles to stay focused on revenge when all he can think about are vibrant emerald eyes of the redhead he was forced to choose, and the secrets hidden within them. Can he follow through with his plan, or is his desire for Ellie more consuming than his need for revenge?

Tristan Black created the Gentlemen's Guild as a way for its' members to master their love of art. Only now, it's him who is being mastered by the art of love.

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