The Gentlemen's Guild, Book 2

The Sculptor's Seduction

Fate doesn’t favor the fallen.

Sloane Peterson is a real estate mogul, sculptor, and a virgin. He is a member of the Gentlemen’s Guild – a group of world-renown, anonymous artists, famous for their ability to take a woman’s passion and turn it into a masterpiece. However, unlike the other artists of the Guild, Sloane never sleeps with his models; he’s never slept with anyone for that matter and is determined to keep it that way. Tortured by his past, he has sworn to suppress his desire and remain celibate. Controlling that desire has never been a problem - until a wager with one of his best friends forces him to use Cyn as a model for his next sculpture.

Cynthia “Cyn” Rawling has given up on her dream of opening her own dance studio because of how her last relationship ended - making her question her talents and her worth. Instead, she’s put her Juilliard-honed skills to use, dancing at the most prestigious strip club in town. There, she is controlled by no man – in fact, it is she who wields all of the control over their desire and she’s never met a man who hasn’t wanted her. Until Sloane. Cyn sees a man intent on punishing himself for something that was never his fault. Can she prove to him that he's not the danger that he thinks he is? Can she open his heart and his body to an intimacy that would change his life forever?

Sloane’s unwavering restraint is tested by Cyn’s determination to seduce him. Unfortunately, he can’t help but see the strong, beautiful angel hiding underneath her veil of sin and self-doubt and he’s determined to set her free. But will he be able to help her without unleashing the demons of his past? Or will helping her free a desire for her that could destroy them both?

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