Winter Games, Book 1


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Channing Ryder lost a lot when her twin brother disappeared. But when his invitation to the Winter X Games arrives, she decides to risk it all and enter the event posing as her twin.

Because who can tell under all her snow gear that she is not a he...

But more time on the slopes means more time around Wyatt Olsen - the distractingly charming pro snowboarder...and her biggest competition.

Wyatt came to Aspen looking for one more easy win. He wasn’t prepared for a fierce female snowboarder to crash into his life and spark a desire for something more than just another medal.

Even though their attraction threatens to melt the slopes, Channing knows she needs to keep her distance or risk being exposed. The last thing she can afford to do is fall. On the mountain. Or for Wyatt.

But as the X Games approach and their attraction mounts, will her desire to win the gold surrender to his determination to win her heart?
Or will he shatter her heart when he learns the truth?

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