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Carmel Cove, Book 1


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Laurel Ocean knows loss like the sea knows the shore.
The loss of her parents took her from Carmel Cove and the loss of her grandfather brought her back. Unexpectedly inheriting the shambles of her family’s coffee shop, her first instinct is to run. After all, it’s just something else to lose.

So, Laurel makes a plan: fix up the business, sell it, and get out of town. And it would’ve been perfect... if the building hadn’t come with a condition: a stubborn, broody, and distractingly sexy contractor.

Eli Downing made a promise to look after Laurel, and offering to repair the coffeeshop is just the start. He’s not going anywhere whether she likes it or not. And for as many walls as she pays him to fix, he’s determined to tear down the same from around her hardened heart.

The longer she stays, the more Laurel finds herself beholden.
To her family’s legacy. To her loyal hometown. And to the man healing her heart.

Unfortunately, Carmel has only given Laurel one outcome she can rely on. And when loss draws another line in the sand, will she flee from her fears or fight for her future?

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