Accidentally On Purpose Book Cover

A Country Love Story

Accidentally On Purpose

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Reese Barker didn’t mean to introduce Decker Connolly as her boyfriend, but it just kind of slipped out.

Returning home to Wyoming to help her mom recover from surgery was supposed to be a breath of fresh air. Instead, her mom’s marital expectations seem to reach even higher than the surrounding Teton peaks. That was probably why, in a fit of either altitude sickness or insanity, when her mom assumed the man who drove her home was her boyfriend, Reese ran with the story.

The truth is Decker is just the mechanic who offered a ride when her rental overheated, but Reese can’t retract her tale now. It would break her mother’s heart—and she’s already done enough of that.

Decker’s used to making things work. From fixing cars to… faking relationships? Okay, he’s never faked anything with a woman before, and definitely not the very real attraction he has for the driven, big-city doctor. So, when she begs for four weeks of pretend, he agrees.

Four weeks of faking it. Until his warm touch and steadfast care have Reese falling for him accidentally...on purpose.

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