A Cowboy for Christmas Book Cover

A Country Love Story

A Cowboy for Christmas

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All Jenny Caldwell wants is a cowboy for Christmas.

She didn’t think it was too much to ask for a Wrangler-wearing, Stetson-sporting brawny Texan to be left under her tree to make her last Christmas on her family’s ranch memorable. And technically, Santa delivered. Except to Jenny, the one and only Raiden Calloway, billionaire Texas rancher, was less of a present under her tree and more like a sack of coal dropped on her toes.

From the moment he tripped over her in gym class to when he forgot her name on graduation day, Raiden has always left an impression on Jenny—that she’s invisible. Which makes it all the more infuriating when he appears, more handsome and richer than ever, and demands the sale of her family’s ranch just days before Christmas.

Jenny was bent on ignoring her insufferable high school crush until a freak winter storm traps them together. Suddenly, that handsome sack of coal becomes a too-tempting source of heat. While she might’ve been invisible before, Jenny has all of Raiden’s attention now.

And when nice gives way to naughty, Jenny’s very own cowboy for Christmas might just be for keeps.

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