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The Kinkades, Book 3


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Francesca ‘Frankie’ Kinkade has a penchant for trouble. By day, her candle-making business keeps her busy, and by night, she plays matchmaker for her entire family. When a tall, dark, and handsome stranger arrives in town, Frankie is tempted to set him up—until she learns he’s no prince, he’s a cold-hearted capitalist determined to sell her sister’s dream.

Forget mixing business with pleasure, Chandler Collins never mixes business with family. When he inherits an inn from a father he hated, he immediately heads up to the nowhere town in Maine to sell it. Considering he’s sold half of Fifth Avenue, it should’ve been a simple feat. However, mysterious things start happening to ward off every buyer except one.

Frankie wouldn’t say her plan was a great one, but who wants to buy an inn that’s haunted? No one. When her master class in ghosting leaves her sister as the only buyer left, Frankie is sure the city slicker will take the offer and head back to his skyscrapers.

Except Chandler realizes who’s behind the lack of interest in the property, and he’s not going to be beat by the beautiful woman who makes his blood burn. So he calls her bluff. He’ll stay at the inn himself for one week to prove it’s not haunted.

Frankie’s first thought: Challenge accepted. Until spending every night together in the candlelit inn turns into a battle she just might want to lose.

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