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The Kinkades, Book 2


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Aurora Cross just got the educational opportunity of a lifetime—to complete her coastal biology thesis at one of Maine’s most iconic lighthouses. She didn’t realize the toughest, most reclusive creature inhabiting the keep was a broody artist with more secrets than the sea.

Kit Kinkade has had enough of the world. He returned from war and even with the support of his family, found no shelter from his demons. So, he relegated himself to the most secluded spot in town—stranded by the sea as the newest lightkeeper of the Friendship lighthouse.

Left alone with his paints and his purpose, Kit was perfectly happy to withdraw from the world until he stumbled over the bright-eyed, beautiful woman invading his solitude for the next three months.

However, if Aurora is good at one thing, it’s learning. She’s good at observing and studying, noting the smallest changes and the slightest shifts that can cause marine life—and grumpy men—to evolve.

When one kiss brings Kit out of his darkness and into her world, Aurora will do everything she can to show him there’s a place for him there... and in her heart.

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