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The Kinkades, Book 1


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Violet Royale’s entire life has bit the bullet. Between a cheating ex and her career imploding, she’s one shaved head away from a total breakdown. Needing an escape, she books a small cottage in Maine for the holidays.

When a massive snowstorm promises to keep the outside world at bay, Violet believes fate is finally doing her a favor. Until a rugged, flannel-clad woodsman bursts through the door, claiming the cottage is his... and was never listed for rent.

Jamie Kinkade has crafted his life for simplicity. His only priorities are his woodworking business and his crazy, tight-knit family. When he comes home to a strange woman standing in his kitchen—in nothing but his shirt—he quickly realizes a certain meddling sister is responsible for this mess.

The fact that the storm stranded Violet with a stranger seems right on par for her catastrophic course. Except as the snow piles up outside, Jamie’s steady and caring presence has her quickly warming to his irresistible flame.

What started as a much-needed escape quickly becomes everything she’s ever wanted. But with Violet’s track record, only a fool would let down her guard now that her heart is on the line.

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